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Changing the game for buying cricket gear

Kashmir Willow bats vs English Willow cricket bats

The key differences between Kashmir and English willow cricket bats are:

  • Kashmir willow comes from India where the soil is much drier
  • Kashmir bats use a raw material which is much heavier -  the nature of wood
  • Looks –the grains of Kashmir willow are more embedded
  • The Punch and sound is different between English Willow bats and Kashmir willow bats
  • English Willow is softer in nature
  • The moisture content in Kashmir Willow bat is greater
  • SM get all their raw material from the number one supplier
  • Kashmir willow is getting more expensive as the Government are trying to protect the use of the raw material; hence price is gradually going up.
  • The sweet spot (punch) is less dynamic compared to English Willow cricket bats
  • However, the Kashmir wood is very durable and if knocked in properly may last longer than the English Willow equivalent

Both Kashmir willow bats and English willow cricket bats are available to purchase of the Cricket Deal Direct website shop