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Make every tour special with personalised kit bags

By , March 2, 2017 2:31 pm

When you’re planning a pre-season tour, what better way to show you’re all part of the same team – and feature your sponsor’s logo’s – than with personalised kit bags?

Lincolnshire Cricket’s Sri Lanka Tour 2017 includes 39 players and 7 staff, as well as family and supporters which means that the total number travelling in the group is 91. The three teams ( 2 x girls and 1 x boys ranging from U13 – U17 ) have five match days to look forward to, including some T20’s, which means that on some days, there will be more than one game per match day.

With a training day to get used to the heat and prepare for what is a busy schedule, each team will play at a variety of venues, including school, club, domestic and even international grounds.

There will also be time for lots of cultural visits to cities, temples and other attractions as well as going on a safari.

Although the group are not flying out until 31st March (returning on 12th April) the excitement was mounting when the players were presented the other day with their personalised kit bags at Staythorpe Power Station, who are sponsoring the tour.

Here at Cricket Deal Direct, we are proud to have been asked to supply the kit bags and welcome enquiries from other clubs and schools at any time of year for personalised kit bags, which can include individual’s names or initials as well as logo’s.

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Lincolnshire Cricket players and staff with their new kit bags before their Sri Lanka tour

Lincolnshire Cricket players and staff with their new kit bags before their Sri Lanka tour

Planning a Winter Tour? Here’s our Top 10 Tour Tips

By , November 7, 2016 3:28 pm

Even though the 2016 season has finished and the annual awards have been presented, many club committees have got more work to do as they finalise the plan for a Winter or pre-season tour, either in the UK or abroad. If you’ve been on tour before, then you’ve probably already got a checklist to work through. On the other hand, if you’re new to touring (or even just need to update your checklist) you may find our Top 10 Tour Tips helpful. In no particular order -

1/10: Teamwear and sponsors

We admit that we’ve got a vested interest as we supply every type of teamwear you can imagine, from lightweight sublimation kit as well as training tops and shorts, to traditional teamwear ( check out our video here )

As a general rule of thumb, most tours tend to rely on levels of sponsorship which of course means that you need to be talking to prospective commercial partners as far in advance as you can. The beauty of having sublimation kit produced for your tour is that you can have any design you like with unlimited sponsors’ logos, without paying any extra. If your sponsors would like to know what their logo will look like on a shirt or training top, we can discuss the options with you.

Take a look here at our sublime sublimation kit

Forward planning is the key to making sure that your kit is ready on time. That’s why we will draw up a timetable with you including initial discussions of the quality and budget options, time required for designs to be finalised and signed off, arranging a ‘sizing evening’ if that would be helpful for you to make sure that all your members get perfect fitting kit, and of course building in sufficient production time to avoid a last minute panic.

Top Tip – many manufacturers have surplus capacity at this time of year, and so if you’re planning to order some kit for your tour, then this is a great time to be planning your requirements as there are lots of deals to be had: and we can help identify those manufacturers who will provide you with great quality and value for money.

Even if you’ve already been doing your fundraising and contacting sponsors over the summer, let us know if you’d like some ideas about the options available for what could be highly collectable one-off tour kit when you get back from tour (perhaps take a few spare shirts with you and get them autographed by host clubs for you to raffle or auction at a later date?).

2/10: Bats and other equipment

How much stuff will you be taking with you on tour? Did you know that we can supply you with specialist cricket kit bags personalised with tour details and sponsor logo’s? Suppliers such as Cricket Deal Direct will put a tailor-made package together for you which means that there are big savings to be had if you treat us as your one-stop tour kit and equipment supplier.

Top Tip – once you’ve worked out everything you need (including baseball caps and casual wear as well as teamwear, specialist cricket sunglasses and equipment) ask for the best package price as well as clarify which items can be branded with the tour and sponsor details.

3/10: Celebrate the tour

Inevitably the focus will be on the tour itself and anticipating the matches and social side that have been organised. But, don’t forget that when you get back from tour, the best way to deal with the post-tour blues will be to have a celebratory evening of some sort planned in advance, when you can all share anecdotes from the tour.

In the meantime, if you’ve got plans for an Awards evening while you’re on tour, then let us supply the trophies and awards – how about one for top batter and bowler as well as the ‘out for a duck’ trophy as well as one for ‘the guy nobody talks about anymore’?

Top Tip: As there’s so much to think about for the tour itself, perhaps set up a separate sub-committee to organise the Awards celebration so that a) it’s in everybody’s diary before you go off on tour and b) sort out your trophies in advance – we’ve got a great range to suit all needs and with free engraving too!

4/10: What happens on tour stays on tour

‘Nuff said!

5/10: Work with a professional tour organiser

There’s more than enough to do when making contact with host clubs, even down to the logistics of getting to/from hotels/grounds, without the extra headaches of arranging how to get to your destination and all the issues around hotel reservations and who will be paying for what while the club is on tour.

It therefore makes sense to work with an experienced professional tour organiser such as Smile Group Travel who knows exactly what they’re doing as well as advising you on the aspects of your tour that they have encountered many times before.
Smile Group Travel is a specialist travel company that offers the most amazing choice of high quality group tours worldwide.

They offer over 70 great destinations to every corner of the globe and tours that cover –

• Group Travel for cricket tours and other major sports
• Group Travel for supporters tours for major events
• Group Travel for special interest groups
• Inbound and Destination Management services.

Smile also provides a wide variety of Hosted Supporters Tours, including packages to follow England for the ODI tour to the Caribbean in 2017 and for the Ashes trip to Australia in November-Jan 2017/18.

6/10: Risk assessments and insurance

OK, mention health and safety and watch everybody yawn, but if there is any accident (and let’s hope there isn’t) then your members will thank you for carrying out risk assessments as well as having proper insurance in place for the tour. There are lots of specialist companies who can provide advice and CCC can signpost some experienced contacts.

7/10: Forward planning

It sounds obvious, but it’s no different from planning a family holiday is it? The main difference being that a group of club members may be harder to shepherd from place to place than your kids, and so giving everyone as much support can pay dividends, but as we know, is also hard work.

When it comes to checking the kit needed for the tour, you’ll be pleased to hear that Cricket Deal Direct have a scheme for clubs which means that if your members buy replacement bats, pads or gloves, or any other kit, then the club will receive a commission on sales (that can help pay the tour costs) For more details email

8/10: Roles and responsibilities

As we know, the committee members are the ones who other members of the club rely on, to avoid questions like “I thought you were doing that” and so if you would like any help in drawing up timetables and well as lists of roles and responsibilities for the supply of cricket kit to take on tour with you, then let us know. If equipment is not in stock and has to be ordered, then we will make sure that you know the options in terms of availability and delivery times.

9/10: Check the itineraries

Did we say, ‘Check the itineraries’? If you’re not already making full use of social media as well as email and other communication methods to keep your members up to date with tour plans, and would like a few pointers, then let us know. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we’re working hard to improve our own communication methods and are happy to share what we do with you if it helps the club stay in touch with members when you’re getting ready for the tour.

10/10: The other stuff

Yes, there’s the million and one other things to think about, and so if you’d like a list of the ‘other stuff’ that often gets over-looked or left until the last minute such as bat care and maintenance kits, or your coaches need some equipment to take with them, then let us know and we’ll send you some ideas which may be on your ‘other stuff’ list.

If we can help, we will. Either way, have a great tour, and if you’d like to send us any photographs and stories, then we welcome using them on our blog or social media to help you recognise your achievements and successes from the tour. You can follow us on Twitter @4CricketDeals as well as CricketDealDirect on Facebook and Instagram

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One of many top quality and practical kit bags in our range

One of many top quality and practical kit bags in our range