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By , March 13, 2017 3:58 pm

During January and February 2017, a self-selecting sample group of 124 people completed an online questionnaire entitled ‘Help shape the future of women’s cricket’ with the aim of identifying some of the current thinking and issues to be addressed in order to encourage further participation by women and girls.

The hope is that these findings will contribute to wider discussions at all levels of the women’s game.

The questionnaire was promoted primarily by Cricket Deal Direct, who instigated this initiative, with the support of England captain, Heather Knight. The questionnaire was also publicised by All Out Cricket and Club Cricket Conference.

Summary of the key findings include –

• The majority who took part in the survey were female (68%+)

• 72%+ of all respondents identify themselves as players and are over 21 (75%)

• The average age they started playing cricket was 14. The majority of influences and/or reasons to start playing were either through family connections or having seen cricket on TV.

• Almost a third are cricket coaches (29%+) and 20% are cricket club officials.
Of those who already play cricket, 81%+ play at club level and 28%+ play for their county.

• Less than 5% play at school; and 10%+ play at college or university.
Information and advice

• 92% know how to advise a girl interested in playing cricket and where to start, even though it is almost 50/50 in terms of ease of getting information about the women’s game.

• The most understanding about pathways is at the regional level upwards (27%+) with less understanding about the pathways for progression from school (7%+) to college and university (8%+) and on to club level (19%+).

• 90%+ do not believe there is enough media coverage of women’s cricket.

• 87% would read a specialist online/print magazine about women’s cricket and 94%+ would watch the Women’s World Cup and Kia Super League in person or on TV (if shown).

• In answer to the question “Which topics would you find most interesting to read about in an online and/or print magazine about women’s cricket?” there was a broad range of responses, which include interest in – news, access to information, performance hints and tips, celebratory stories, and reports about the women’s game.

• It is believed that that there is not enough formal support for the women’s game at school (90%) college or university (60%+) and clubs (60%+) This is mirrored by the belief that there are not enough competitions at school, college, university, local and regional level for girls and women.

• 72%+ of clubs have a women’s/girls team with 56%+ of clubs having someone responsible for the development of the women’s game.

• 37%+ of clubs have a female coach and 42%+ of respondents believe that it would make a difference to attracting more female players is the club has a female coach.

• In answer to the question “As a Player, what would make it easier for you to play more often if that’s what you wanted to do?” there were various responses including –

o More time
o Better facilities
o Improved access to nets
o Format of games
o More opportunities
o Cost

• In answer to the question “As a player, what prevents you from playing cricket on a more frequent basis? NB if you’re happy with the amount of time you spend playing then just say so” there were various responses including –

o Lack of time
o Many players are happy with the amount of time spent playing
o Not enough teams/other players

• In answer to the question, “What one thing do you think would help the women’s game to grow in the UK?” there is a very broad range of responses, many of which are very detailed, and demonstrate that the respondents to this survey have given a lot of thought to this question.

Many of the suggestions build on answers to earlier questions and include -
o The need for greater investment and clearer pathways at grass roots
o More support for playing cricket in schools
o More media coverage
o Greater support and co-ordination at county level

Our survey tells us that 57% of clubs have someone responsible for the development of women's cricket - what about the others?

Our survey tells us that 56% of clubs have someone responsible for the development of women’s cricket – what about the others?

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