SM Cricket in Finland

By , September 8, 2017 7:09 pm

Cricket nations around the world are becoming increasingly familiar with the SM Cricket range, from the traditional centres of the game including India and the West Indies, to England and the other UK nations. But it is in the emerging countries in particular that SM Cricket is really making an impact, and the exclusive UK and European distributor, Cricket Deal Direct (CDD) has, in the past year, embarked on a unique relationship with Cricket Finland.

Along with the other Scandinavian countries, Finland is enjoying a surge of interest and participation, with the national body Cricket Finland now providing support and guidance to clubs across the country.

This support includes Cricket Finland having established a business partnership with CDD to supply Finnish clubs on a ‘one-stop shop’ basis with the comprehensive Indian branded range of SM Cricket kit. CDD is an ICC preferred supplier while SM is an ICC approved manufacturer.

As the season got underway in May, clubs throughout Finland have successfully been using SM kit and reporting great success and satisfaction. One of the major tournaments in Finland – coincidentally called the SM Viikko – has enjoyed national TV coverage which has created even greater awareness of the quality of the SM Cricket range.

As Cricket Finland Chairman, Andrew Armitage explains, “It was important to source a suitable single new equipment partner to assist with the National development of the game, so as to create a Finland where cricket is recognised as a leading sport and as a primary contributor to health, sporting participation and social cohesion.”

CDD Managing Director, Ian Anderson added that “We are proud to have established a relationship with Cricket Finland to support their aims for the growth of the game throughout the country, and in particular are delighted with the response from clubs who have provided us with positive feedback after using the SM range.”

The relationship between CDD and Cricket Finland has also seen CDD sponsor three of the Finland national players including skipper, Nathan Collins, who has reported his enthusiasm for the SM range, as he has been using an SM bat and other kit throughout the season.

As Cricket Finland and CDD continue to develop their relationship, plans are now in hand to supply clubs throughout the country for the 2018 season, with a product launch anticipated very soon.

Nathan Collins, captain of Finland

Nathan Collins, captain of Finland