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About English Willow Cricket Bats

The story of how our SM cricket bats are manufactured and made

Raw clefts are sent to India by English Willow manufacturer J S Wright and Sons Ltd in Essex. The raw clefts come in sizes ranging between 27” and 30”. The clefts are graded into 10 different levels. First inspection of the cleft identifies whether any grains need straightening. This planning area will make initial adjustments to the cleft and also look to improve the straightness of the grains. This inspection process will also shape and mark where the bat has to be cut, trying to remove any imperfections. Cut marks are identified and marked. All clefts are graded by a supervisor and marked for cutting. This is the first stage and results in the initial shape of the bat being formed from the raw cleft.

Part of the initial process is to give the cricket bat additional moisture before “pressing”. Pressing defines the strength and diving pleasure of the wood. It has to have a good “ping”. If the cricket bats are not properly pressed it is possible to get dents in the bat. Pressing will also make the grains of the cricket bat more prominent and open up the fibres between the grains. Correct pressing will give the cricket bat strength, additional quality and extend the life of the bat. Pressing also gives the bat the curvature.

After the pressing, the bat goes through a number of sanding processes using different grades of sanding materials. This is aggressive and starts to smooth the bat. Also the bat is placed near an open fire to remove any moisture in the bat. This process also makes the bat lighter.

Deal Direct is proud to be associated with a company offering such a rich cricketing history and tradition. Today SM offers an exciting and vibrant range of quality cricket bats and equipment at very affordable prices. Many International and local cricket players have endorsed the range, and it is our intention to promote and introduce the brand throughout the UK and “spread the word” amongst the cricketing community. You can buy them in our online cricket shop website